Amplifying Wellbeing at Work and Beyond Through the Power of Recognition

Published by Workhuman

The new Workhuman and Gallup report sheds light on the influence a strong employee recognition program can have on employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Workhuman and Gallup partnered to discover the correlation between employee wellbeing and strategic employee recognition – and the resulting impact on overall company growth and success. In a large-scale study of more than 12,000 employees across 12 countries, Workhuman and Gallup found that recognition is one of the most effective and affordable ways to improve wellbeing, sparking cultural transformation and helping workplaces achieve exceptional performance.

Yet few leaders realize the power they wield to amplify wellbeing at work and beyond.

When organizations create an environment where employees consistently receive high-quality recognition, they see tangible benefits – increased engagement, reduced levels of burnout, and improved company loyalty – translating into clear ROI. In fact, the study shows recognition can help mitigate the $322 billion cost of global turnover and lost productivity, as organizations can experience an opportunity loss of $20 million for every 10,000 workers due to low wellbeing and its drain on performance.

The truth is, workplaces shape wellbeing every day – for better or for worse – by the way they treat their employees. Leaders who strategically incorporate recognition into their culture can drastically improve employees’ perceptions that they’re valued, cared for, and respected as people. This makes recognition a low-cost, high-impact way to move the needle on wellbeing.

In the Workhuman and Gallup report, you’ll learn:

  • How employee recognition and wellbeing are connected in each of the 12 countries surveyed
  • The links between wellbeing and critical business outcomes, including employee engagement, intent to stay, brand ambassadorship, and more
  • The steps leaders should take to amplify the wellbeing of their employees through recognition

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